Follow these steps to create a new grid function and display it on your 3D window.

1 – Select you “Main Grid”

Select Main Grid

2 -At the bottom on the “Grid Functions” editor select the grid function to be used as the input for your new grid function.

3 – Once selected, just click on the “Add new custom grid function” at the top of the panel.

4 – In the dialog that pops up, type in the name and unit for your new grid function and click Ok.

5 -In the next dialog, type in the expression to be evaluate the new grid function and click Ok.

6 – A new grid function will be created and available to be used.

7 – You can Drag & Drop the grid function to a 3D window, or use the drop down list to display it in the 3D as show bellow.

Note: You can follow the same steps to create a new curve for you wells and well groups.