Kraken provides different ways to create custom reservoir engineering reports for daily tasks. Such reports can be customized through the following workflows:

1. Use Ctrl+C for putting a snapshot of the currently selected window (plot or 3d window) in the clipboard (which may be later pasted in Word or any other program through Ctrl+V)

2. Create RTF, PDF or XML files with the contents of the currently opened windows through the menu: Tools > Reports > Export visible windows to document > Format


  • RTF files are suitable to be opened in the most common document writers, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office;
  • The XML output format won’t just provide the XML, but also auxiliary files such as images and stylesheets, so it can later be opened in browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

3. Create a custom report through Tools > Reports > Custom Report

This option opens a view which allows adding text, external images or snapshots with the currently selected window(s). The tree contents may be reorganized through drag and drop and each tree entry may be updated as needed through the editor that will appear when the item is selected.

An interesting option in this approach is that a macro may be recorded while changing this report, making it possible to create an automatically generated report for any given simulation.