Reservoir Management Team

Reservoir Management – A Multidisciplinary Effort

This a new post of our series of publications in Kraken’s blog related to Reservoir Engineering. This article is to briefly introduce the reader to the concept of reservoir management and its role in developing a production plan. As discussed in this previous post, numerical simulation has become an indispensable practice to ensure good performance at..

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Well Selection

Reservoir Simulation – A Brief Overview

This is the first of a series of posts related to reservoir engineering topics in Kraken’s Blog. The reader can expect articles related to reservoir engineering and various simulation software applications. Other themes such as petrophysics, management, and curve analysis will also be discussed. This first post provides an overview of Reservoir Simulation and highlights..

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Kraken new version released

ESSS is pleased to announce the latest release of Kraken, our reservoir simulation data analysis tool. This new version (2.4.0) includes the following features: Native 2D visualization of reservoir sections in IJK directions: this new visualization mode allows the user to inspect a layer section in a specified direction of the reservoir simulation grid. For example, when..

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production curves

Production curves visualization just got easier

Reservoir Engineers analyze production curves quite frequently as part of the daily tasks. This ranges from the definition of a recovery strategy for an exploratory field to the surveillance of a reservoir with years of production. These curves may come from either a reservoir simulation or field measurements and  their analysis can provide invaluable reservoir knowledge. In..

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kraken in aberdeen

EnginSoft UK and ESSS presented Kraken in Aberdeen

  Last September ESSS and EnginSoft UK, our partner in Europe for distributing Kraken, presented at the event Using Analytics to Improve Production, organised by the Digital Energy Journal, in Aberdeen. The event mainly discussed how analytical techniques can be used to better understand field behaviour and increase production without necessarily increasing costs and investments…

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reservoir engineering reports

Creating Reservoir Engineering Reports

Kraken provides different ways to create custom reservoir engineering reports for daily tasks. Such reports can be customized through the following workflows: 1. Use Ctrl+C for putting a snapshot of the currently selected window (plot or 3d window) in the clipboard (which may be later pasted in Word or any other program through Ctrl+V) 2. Create RTF, PDF..

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New changes on comparing property results tool

At Kraken 2.0.58 a new tool was presented: the Solutions Comparison tool. Now on Kraken 2.0.59 some issues about GUI and usability were fixed.   GUI changes Buttons were repositioned and properly identified to make it easier to understand the purpose of each GUI component. Adding columns Different from the previous version, a new GUI was..

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History Matching

Kraken 2.0.53 allows the addition of history curves. The current workflow for doing history matching is the following: 1. Open the history docking (under Tools > History) 2. If the curves are in a standard format supported by Kraken, they can be loaded in the Import command, which will be followed by a wizard which..

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Creating Custom Grid Functions

Follow these steps to create a new grid function and display it on your 3D window. 1 – Select you “Main Grid” 2 -At the bottom on the “Grid Functions” editor select the grid function to be used as the input for your new grid function. 3 – Once selected, just click on the “Add..

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Example Python Script: Highest Oil Rate Comparison

As a powerful out of the box post-processor, Kraken’s ability to easily manipulate your reservoir data and quickly present the data that is important to you is where the huge increase in the value can be found. These manipulations can range from complex equation calculations based on data, report generation and automation of multiple data..

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