Reservoir Management Team

Reservoir Management – A Multidisciplinary Effort

This a new post of our series of publications in Kraken’s blog related to Reservoir Engineering. This article is to briefly introduce the reader to the concept of reservoir management and its role in developing a production plan. As discussed in this previous post, numerical simulation has become an indispensable practice to ensure good performance at..

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kraken in aberdeen

EnginSoft UK and ESSS presented Kraken in Aberdeen

  Last September ESSS and EnginSoft UK, our partner in Europe for distributing Kraken, presented at the event Using Analytics to Improve Production, organised by the Digital Energy Journal, in Aberdeen. The event mainly discussed how analytical techniques can be used to better understand field behaviour and increase production without necessarily increasing costs and investments…

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History Matching

Kraken 2.0.53 allows the addition of history curves. The current workflow for doing history matching is the following: 1. Open the history docking (under Tools > History) 2. If the curves are in a standard format supported by Kraken, they can be loaded in the Import command, which will be followed by a wizard which..

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