Well Selection

Well Selection permits evaluating grid properties’ distribution within the wells region and them neighborhood.

IJK Block

“IJK Block” is a Kraken’s process that allows selecting the desired range of coordinates in the Main Grid. It is a convenient tool to analyze and compare different regions separately.

Cross Plot Window

Kraken allows the user to create cross plot in order to confront parameters and evaluate how they are correlated. Special applications include WOR forecasting as a way to predict cumulative oil reserves.


A section plane creates a sectional view that shows internal details that cannot be seen from the outside perspective. Kraken has a process called “Plane” which allows setting clip-, cut-, and planes between two wells.

Non-neighbor connections (NNC)

In the presence of faults, physical neighbors no longer coincide with logical neighbors which lead to the creation of non-neighbour connections (NNCs).


Kraken allows the user to investigate a grid block through inspection by assessing the properties’ values. Different inspections are useful to compare how values change throughout the grid cells.

Grid Conversion

Reservoir grids result from reservoir characterization and can be constructed for one-, two- and three dimensions as well as different geometries. Kraken has a capability which enables converting the original grid to another grid types.


A histogram is a useful graphical method that shows data frequency distribution. It can be applied to a determined property in a reservoir grid, especially due to the enormous number of cells.

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