[TUTORIAL #6] Creating a Grid Process

Learn to create a process and how they are organized
Inspect a subsection of a reservoir
Compare properties from a subsection with the entire reservoir
Create a process over an existing process in order to have an smaller part of the reservoir

[TUTORIAL #5] Using Property Based Coloring Strategy

Learn how to configure a time plot
Logic behind the property based coloring
Use Windows Editors Panel
Save your preferences

[TUTORIAL #4] Creating Time Plots

Import a reservoir simulation output file
Drag and Drop a well into the workspace
Select variables to plot
Navigate through multiple wells

[TUTORIAL #3] 3D visualization

Create a 3D visualization of a reservoir model
Visualize grid properties
Edit window layout
Export Images

[TUTORIAL #2] Understanding the GUI

Learn about Kraken Panels and Data Organization:
Data Tree
Data Editors
Window Editors

[TUTORIAL #1] Getting Started

Import a reservoir simulation
Inspect the available data
Visualize grid data in a 3D view
Visualize well data in a 2D plot

3D Visualization of grid properties and faults

Kraken 3D visualization capabilities allow Reservoir Engineers to visualize faults, non neighbor connections and pinch-outs, while coloring the cell faces with static or transient properties over time.

Ternary Saturation Example

Kraken 3D features includes the simultaneous visualization of water, oil and gas saturation, displaying them in a ternary color-scale.


Streamlines allow the engineer to visualize the areas drainage areas and fluids’ preferential paths as well as evaluate the efficiency of producers/injectors. Kraken is able to recreate the streamlines based on fluids flow.