Getting Started

  • Import a reservoir simulation
  • Inspect the available data
  • Visualize grid data in a 3D view
  • Visualize well data in a 2D plot
Understanding the GUI

  • Learn about Kraken Panels and Data Organization:
  • Data Tree
  • Data Editors
  • Windows
  • Window Editors

3D visualization

  • Create a 3D visualization of a reservoir model
  • Visualize grid properties
  • Edit window layout
  • Export Images

Creating Time Plots

  • Import a reservoir simulation output file
  • Drag and Drop a well into the workspace
  • Select variables to plot
  • Navigate through multiple wells
Using Property Based Coloring Strategy

  • Learn how to configure a time plot
  • Logic behind the property based coloring
  • Use Windows Editors Panel
  • Save your preferences

Create a Grid Process

  • Learn to create a process and how they are organized
  • Inspect a subsection of a reservoir
  • Compare properties from a subsection with the entire reservoir
  • Create a process over an existing process in order to have an smaller part of the reservoir